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How long does it take to heal?


This is a very important question in the medical medium community. I compare myself to others and the question arises, why I am not healing as fast as those I see on social media? Am I a slow healer? What am I missing? I was so happy to come across Anika Piest´s liberating video regarding this topic. And as many of you have shared with me the same concerns, I decided to translate the content. Here we go!

The duration of the healing process is as individual as our fingerprints. We will never find two 100% identical healing-journeys, even among twins. Healing depends on a lot of factors: Your biography and your family´s. Then add viral, bacterial and toxic load to the equation; Yours and your family´s, as they are inherited. And out comes your personal journey, which is so incredible personalized, that it repels any attempt of comparison.

In his books Anthony William reaches out to the whole world population: all 7,6 billion individual beings of us. This is an unimaginable amount of different starting points. So while his attempt is to write books for the total quantity, this total consists of different groups. The majority of the people belong to group 1. This group gets along wonderfully with the recommendations in his books. They change their diet, they take a couple of supplements, drink their celery juice, and month after month the people feel better and better, until they reach their perfect healing goal 1-2 years later, freshly hatched and happily hopping about.

Then there is the medium-sized group 2: Their first steps into the journey are not as easy. They can´t tolerate celery juice for instance, and have to start very slowly increasing the amount of raw healing foods. The list of their symptoms is long. And so is the amount of insecurities because they constantly need to take different factors into consideration. They need advice and guidance and – based on experience- improvement will take around 6 months. It can take 2-3 years until they reach their goal.

And then we have the members of Group 3, who unfortunately have a great amount of toxic load in their story-line, as well as trauma and stressors. Their mountain of ballast is many times higher than the ones in the other groups, and their symptoms are chronic and severe. And so their healing process is prolonged. They have to take a lot of details into consideration, even babysteps need to be divided into minor steps. They need a lot more support, advice, help, love, compassion, understanding and assurance, than the other groups. Particularly from themselves!

Healing does not happen more slowly in group 3! The mountain is just higher. Noticeable improvements take a long time. Also Group 3 is much more prone to „flare ups“, a viral /bacterial inflammation causing unpleasant symptoms. Besides that they are prone to triggers and have to navigate around a minefield of traumas. The detox caused by cutting off the no-foods is in itself almost too stressful to bear. The group 3 may need years just to experience improvement.

The assignment to these 3 groups is merely a rough orientation for those in the community who feel frustrated because they don´t belong to the members of the radiant, omnipresent, already beautifully healed group 1, who post their sucess stories on Instagram. They are a beam of hope for all of us, but not representative for the healing-journey. Group 2 and 3 are not often represented on Instagram. They connect in safe, supported groups on Facebook. A lot of the posts are about problems, frustration and obstacles. And as a new member one might ask „does this Medical Medium thing work?“. Keep in mind: These Facebookgroups alone are not representative of the community either, as they mostly attract very ill people who are climbing a much higher mountain. Keep track of the big picture!

Anthony´s first book was released in the summer of 2016 in Nothern Europe. That´s not even 2,5 years ago. When looking at the rough estimation of the healing-duration of the 3 groups, you will realise that only those who started right away when the book was released AND „belong to“ Group 1 or 2 will have experienced healing to this today. In the European countries it will take a couple of more years before we get to hear about the healing of severe chronic illnesses. And it will take dedication and yearslong patience for those in group 3 to be the witnesses we so dearly seek. There is no quick fix. But everyone who cuts out the no-foods bit by bit, implements more and more healing fruits and vegetables, initiate the healing potential of their bodies. The question is not IF you are going to heal, but WHEN!

Do you consider yourself a„group 3-member“? Know that you were assigned to this journey by the Universe because you have the strength to walk the path. Even if you are scared, even if doubts fill your mind. You are a pioneer, a trailblazer for everyone else still out there wandering about – hopeless, sick and scared. The experience and lessons you are collecting right now, you will be able to pass on. The world as we know it is changing. We all need you and your experience, because you have been to the darkest darkness, and now you´re a pioneer following a shining pure light. A light that some day will shine for others in their darkest hour, so hang in there!


Video presentation translated and edited by Michelle Laise

by permission of Anika Piest – Health Coach –

original title „wie lange dauert Heilung eigentlich“ available in German on Youtube

abstract deam-like painting of my vision of healing.